Royal Western Nova Scotia Yacht Club & Marina 2017


May Update:
Read the Commodores Newsletter to open our club season:
RWNSYC 2017 Commodores Letter

Important dates are now added to the Events page, along with the confirmed dates for SAILabration.

The RWNSYC Annual General Meeting will be held upstairs at the Club May 12, 2017 @ 7:00 pm.

April Update:
Marina is in along with a few boats!

Races have been posted for May and June.

Please note that all marina and yacht club dues are payable prior to your boats arrival at the marina.

To avoid previous years unpleasant overdue collection efforts by the treasurer and other club members, the following will apply:

-If your boat is stored or launched on/from club managed property, marina and club dues must be paid, or the launch will not take place.

-If your boat is stored or launched elsewhere and the boat arrives at the marina without the marina and club dues paid, you will accrue the the daily transient rate IN ADDITION TO YOUR ANNUAL MARINA FEES. This additional fee WILL NOT be credited to your annual fees.

We trust that everyone will agree that the club is a far better place when fellow members, who are generous enough to volunteer their time for our benefit, do not have to act as collection agents.



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Your Executive


Executive - 2017:

Commodore: Keith Amirault
Vice Commodore: Bruce Moore
Rear Commodore: Jason Denton
Treasurer: Mike Nichols
Secretary: Justin Oliver
Fleet Captain: Scott Moore
Measurer: Mark Corbett

Membership: vacant
Communications: Sarah Haliburton
House and Grounds: Mark Hyson
Foreshore: Ali Tavanaee
Marina: Harold Dugas
Sailing/Racing: vacant